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Grainfather Blog - Man's new best friend - the Grainfather

By Grainfather - All Grain Brewing 30/06/2014 21:39 Comments

All in One Brewing System to Revolutionise Homebrewing

Hot off the press they say, well this is definitely that! The Grainfather saw its inauguration into the brewing industry just a few days ago at Beervana (held over the weekend in Wellington) and was released to the New Zealand public on Monday 25 August at 9am. It is sure to revolutionise home craft brewing in New Zealand and abroad.

Beervana as always, saw it’s usual crowd of innovative Kiwi craft breweries, avid homebrewers, beer lovers and more over the weekend. But the stand out new edition was this new item from those who brought you Mangrove Jack’s brewing kits.

It’s the next big thing to take on the homebrewing (and distilling) market and 26 Beervana visitors walked away with the confirmed title of owning one of the first in the world!

They make perfect Father’s Day gifts, but mostly our male customers so far have expressed how they’re groveling to their wives for permission to buy themselves the present they’ve always wanted.

The unit means you can brew from grain in around as little as four hours and is competitive in price to it’s commercial equivalents at only $995 which includes the counter flow wort chiller (which cools the whole batch in an astounding 20 minutes). 

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