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Grainfather Blog - The superior homebrewing system - what's new - 03 october 2014

By Grainfather - All Grain Brewing 03/10/2014 22:55 Comments

The Grainfather hit the market in August this year, and sold out quickly in stores and online. Now their next shipment is due to arrive in New Zealand (and launch in Australia) and preorders have already been made in New Zealand.

Grainfather has also brought out grain kits to use with the unit. The company that has brought you the Grainfather is also responsible for the popular simple, easy to use and tasty Mangrove Jack's beer kits too. These all grain kits aim to be just like them but for all grain brewers using the Grainfather.

Kits have been developed with renowned brewers worldwide to ensure they're great recipes that make great tasting and great quality beer. The first was a Behemoth Brewing Co Chur! Pale Ale. The recipe was shared with Grainfather by Andrew Childs of Behemoth Brewing Co and it proved to be a very popular drop. Since then four more have been released with expertise of UK based brewer James Kemp, with more to follow.

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