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Week 162: The Wonderful World of Mead - Part 1
Comments | Posted in Weekly Mash | By Sam Loader - Resident Brewer
17/08/2018 09:01
  Mead is most commonly thought of as the oldest form of alcoholic beverage and was most likely discovered by early humans coming across a broken beehive after rain. The honey was diluted by the rain and exposed to yeast, which resulted in the production of alcohol by fermentation. When...
Week 159: Everything IPA - Part 1
Comments | Posted in Weekly Mash | By Sam Loader - Resident Grainfather Brewer
13/07/2018 09:18
  The IPA is a good style for many brewers just starting out as producing a decent IPA is fairly easy. It can be done with a SMASH grain bill and the high hopping rates can cover a multitude of first time mistakes. However, to really produce a stand out IPA requires a good knowledge of...
Week 157: Craft Distilling - Gin on the Grainfather
0 Comments | Posted in Weekly Mash | By Sam Loader - Resident Grainfather Brewer
16/05/2018 16:32
  Continuing our highlight on spirits let’s look at gin, glorious gin and making it on the Grainfather in conjunction with the Alembic Pot Still Attachment. Gins are a spirit normally between 30-40% ABV alcohol where the dominating flavour is that of juniper berries. There are...
Week 148: Mashing for the curious idiot
1 Comments | Posted in Weekly Mash | By Mark Maguire
16/03/2018 09:46
Have you ever been talking about mashing to someone that knows nothing about brewing? You can sound pretty smart without knowing much at all – you can throw around the old “it converts the starches into sugars” line sure, but I’m certain you also know that squeezing...
Week 147: Hops around the world
Comments | Posted in Weekly Mash | By Grainfather - All Grain Brewing
08/03/2018 10:15
We may be partial to the delicious varieties of hops found in New Zealand, but there are some seriously excellent hop varieties found all over the world to sample and brew with. We discuss some of our recent favourites from a few different places around the globe…...