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Grainfather Blog - Week 51: Counter Flow Wort Chillers and Conduction

By Grainfather - All Grain Brewing 11/12/2015 09:12 Comments

In this week's mash, Imker talks about conduction, and cooling with a counter flow wort chiller. He also mentions how quick cooling this way is, so if you're still cooling an hour later - you might want to check this out.

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The Grainfather

posted on 27/04/2017 01:10
Hi John, we wouldn't recommend running the water flat out as this may create a significant amount of pressure. Throttling the wort flow should help though as this increases the contact time for the heat transfer

John Colebatch

posted on 27/04/2017 01:06
I run my cold water through an ice bath and still struggle to get the wort temperature down fast enough. ShouldI reduce the flow of wort or let it run flat out?

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