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Grainfather Blog - Week 52: Adding Hop Aroma - A How to Guide From The Home Brew Diaries

By Grainfather - All Grain Brewing 18/12/2015 07:09 Comments
How to guide

Today's Weekly Mash is a guest blog from thehomebrewdiaries on tips for adding hop aroma to your beer. 

Laith from the UK has been making homebrew beer for the past two years, progressing from a single kit direct to extract brewing and then to all grain. In that time he has made some mistakes as well as some great beers.

The Home Brew Diaries blog is about his experiences in making beer as well as providing anyone who reads it with some inspiration and hopefully some help along the way. That help may be in answering your questions, how to guides, recipes, references for ingredients or equipment or anything else beer related.
Here's what Laith had to say about adding hop aroma to your beer.
"Recently I have made a few beers that have had additional aroma hops added to them. I have started to use this method more as I enjoy a fresh and plentiful hop aroma in my beers. When I first tried ‘Dry Hopping’ I did just that with leaf hops, but since then I have tried the ‘Hop Tea’ method and also the use of ‘Hop Oils’.
Each method has its pros and cons and each delivers a slightly different end result if not in flavour, then in appearance. But you need to decide which is best for you.
With this in mind I have created a ‘How to Guide’ for adding more hop aroma to your beers which I hope you will find useful. Click here to download it."
If you want to write for the Weekly Mash we'd love to hear from you. Email and include 'Weekly Mash' in the subject. Let us know your techniques for getting great hop aroma in your beer!

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