What is the warranty on this product?
 Will my filter get blocked up with hops?
 Can I step mash in the grainfather?
 What do I clean the Grainfather with?
 How long should it take to get a decent rolling boil?
 How long should sparging take?
 What efficiencies can I expect from the Grainfather?
 Why is it taking so long to cool my wort?
 What is the minimum grain bill I can brew with?
 Why is my control box only showing 98ºC (208ºF) during the boil and not going any higher?
 What is the maximum grain bill I can brew with?
 Why is my heating element not working? It’s not heating at all.
 Can I brew different batch volumes?
 What is the correct sized grain crush? And is this important?
 My wort is flowing through the recirculation pipe, is this bad? Does this mean I have a stuck mash?