Complement your Grainfather with the perfect equipment accesories and complete your brewing setup.
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  1. Sparge Water Heater

    The Sparge Water Heater is a temperature controlled urn that allows you to heat up to 18 L of water.
  2. Fermenter

    Ferment with stainless steel like the pros!
  3. Graincoat

    This heat insulation jacket is designed to be used with the Grainfather to keep heat contained in the boiler and maintain a constant temperature during your brew during cooler times of the year.
  4. Refractometer

    This refractometer measures the specific gravity or brix of unfermented wort. This will allow you to take instant gravity measurements during mash run-off or during the boil.
  5. Stainless Steel Paddle

    This high quality stainless steel paddle is used to stir your grain when adding to your boiler as well as patting down the foam during the boil
  6. Growler - 2 L

    A great solution for taking 2 L of beer from your keg to wherever you need to go!
  7. Micro Pipework

    Turn your Grainfather into a 10 L version with the Micro Pipework.
  8. Hop Spider

    This Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil. It can be hooked on to any appropriate sized boil pots, including the Grainfather.
  9. Twin Roller Mill

    Give your arm a rest - there is an easier way to make great beer than grinding the old fashioned way
  10. Temp Controller

    This digital temperature controller with sensor probe allows you to ferment your beer at controlled temperatures easily.

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Showing 1 to 10 of 18 total
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