M42 New World Strong Ale


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Suitable for IPAs, porters, Russian imperial stouts and more.
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A top fermenting ale yeast suitable for many types of alese of all strenghts. Ferments with a neutral yeast aroma to ensure the full character of the malts and hops are prominent in each beer.


Beer Types Suitable for IPAs, porters, Russian imperial stouts and more.
Aroma Hops and malt aromas are enhanced and will tend toward earthy, nutty, orange peel, and mild spice. Esters will be nearly absent in normal strengths beers fermented cool: below 68°F (20°C).
Flavour/Mouthfeel Beers fermented with this strain will finish dry, and very light beers will not be thin or watery. Acidity will be low, and mouth feel will be light and soft on the palate with a smoot non astrigent texture. As this strain is highly flocculent and resilient and not prone to autolysis, it is excellent for cask or bottle conditioning.
Higher Alcohol Beers Ester formation will be slightly elevated in higher alcohol beers, the characters of the esters will be pleasant with ripe apple and pear domination, along with faint banana. Beer will be dry, but a perception of malt sweetness will survive in the aftertaste along with malt character and complexity. Alcohol should be warming, not hot.


Strain Classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Recommended Temperature Range 61 - 72°F (16 - 22°C)
Performance Characteristics (5- high, 1- low)
Attenuation (77 - 82%)
Flocculation 5
Compaction 5
Viable Yeast Cells >5 x 109 cells per gram
Wild Yeast <1 per 106 cells
Total Bacteria <1 per 106 cells
GMO status GMO Free



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