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I've been using the Grainfather for nearly a year, and I've just upgraded. I've gone from brewing around 30 pints each time to near 40,000!!! I have recently started my new job as part of the brewing team in one of the UK's top breweries, and it's all thanks to the Grainfather. (Well....and partly me being a decent bloke!). It was the Grainfather, with it's fantastic design that got me started in brewing and enabled me to realise my passion for making beer. Thanks to this passion, I was offered a position of becoming one of a four man brewing team. Cheers Grainfather! (I will of course still be brewing with my Grainfather at home.)
Simon Court , Brewer, Butcombe Brewery, UK
I have been homebrewing for a few years now and I am always looking for ways to improve my process and make brew days easier. Brewing all grain in a flat can be a battle with limited space and a small family, the Grainfather solves these problems. I have had the most stress-free brew days with the Grainfather and the clearest wort since homebrewing. The grainfather is the best all in one compact system money can buy at present.
Grant Walker , Transport Manager, UK
The Grainfather is a great all in one brewing system. It is incredibly easy to use. I have used it dozens of times and have made some amazing beers. Anything from the simplest lager or golden ale right up to 9% double IPAs, Imperial Stouts and Wee Heavys. With the Grainfather being an all in one unit, brewing is faster, there is less risk of infection and you make great beer. I cannot recommend this enough to brewers of all levels.
Andrew Childs , Head Brewer and Owner, Behemoth Brewing Company, New Zealand
Our Grainfather has given us the ability to have our very own pilot plant and trial beers before we brew them on our commercial plant. The ultimate test was to brew our flagship, 'Sleck Dust' beer on the Grainfather and the finished product was as good as the beer produced on our commercial plant, need I say more?
Matthew Hodgson , Brewery Owner, Great Newsome Brewery, Hull, UK
I was thoroughly impressed by the Grainfather brewing system. It was easy to use and would be the perfect fit for any experimental batches that a commercial brewery wants to trial. The fact that you can set thermostats and pumps and leave it to work it’s magic means that you can brew and do other brewery work at the same time. Or maybe just buy a brewery sofa and have a nap while it's doing its thing!
Kelly Ryan , Head Brewer, Fork and Brewer, New Zealand
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